The Management Authority for the North West Regional Program 2021-2027 (REGIO North West), issues CORRIGENDUM for Applicant's Guides 121 and 131.A

The Management Authority for the North West Regional Program 2021 2027 (REGIO North West), issues CORRIGENDUM for Applicant's Guides 121 and 131.A

The Management Authority for the Northwest Regional Program 2021 2027 will propose to the members of the Monitoring Committee of the program a package of changes aimed at the evaluation and selection procedure within the project calls related to Applicant's Guides 121 and 131.A. The next meeting of the committee will take place during November, and on this occasion the plenary Monitoring Committee of the program, which includes representatives of civil society, the business environment, consultants, central and local public authorities as well as organizations with activities dedicated to combating discrimination, environmental protection or minority rights will decide the methodology for conducting these calls.

Entrepreneurs from the Northwest Development Region demonstrate that they are extremely competitive, and the proposed criteria will provide the framework for a competition in which only mature, well-founded projects that lead to an innovative development of the region will benefit from non-refundable funding.

According to the decisions of the Head of AM PR North West 95/19.10.2023 and 96/19.10.2023 two corrigendums are issued by which the opening date of the two calls is changed for December 14 in the case of the call PRNV/2023/121/1, respectively December 18, 2023 for PRNV/2023/131.A/1.

The consolidated guidelines with the related annexes and the summary of changes are available at the address below:

The provisions of the decisions enter into force from the date of publication of the corrigendum and the consolidated guide on the website of the Northwest Regional Program 2021-2027 to the section specific to each call for projects.

The North-West Regional Program 2021-2027 proposes interventions for the development of research, development, innovation and digitization capacity, increasing the energy performance of the existing public and residential building fund, capitalizing on degraded spaces at the city level, sustainable urban mobility, investments in the network of county roads and in the educational infrastructure, as well as actions to capitalize on the cultural, touristic and spa potential.

In the financial year 2021-2027, public authorities and institutions, the business environment, the academic and research environment and NGOs can obtain funding.

The Northwest Regional Program benefits from a total allocation of 1,437,252,471 euros.

  • Priority 1: A competitive region through innovation, digitization and dynamic enterprises - total value: 327,904,956 euros
  • Priority 2: A region with smart localities - total value: 60,332,872 euros
  • Priority 3: A region with environmentally friendly localities - total value: 210,666,112 euros
  • Priority 4: A region with sustainable multimodal urban mobility – total value: 305,155,751 euros
  • Priority 5: An accessible region - total value: 184,978,708 euros
  • Priority 6: An educated region - total value: 77,386,100 euros
  • Priority 7: An attractive region - total value: 210,363,134 euros
  • Technical assistance – total value: 60,464,838 euros

More information about the Northwest Regional Program for 2021-2027 is available here, and the program can be consulted here.

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