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Irregularity represents any deviation from legality, regularity and compliance in relation to national and/or European provisions, as well as the provisions of contracts or other legal commitments concluded on the basis of these provisions, resulting from an action or inaction of the beneficiary or the authority with powers in the management of European funds, which has damaged or may damage the budget of the European Union/the budgets of international public donors and/or their related national public funds through an improperly paid amount, according to GEO 66/2011 with subsequent amendments and additions, to see Art. 2, paragraph 1 letter a).

Fraud is the crime committed in relation to obtaining or using European funds and/or related national public funds, criminalized by the Criminal Code or other special laws, according to GEO 66/2011 with subsequent amendments and additions, see Art. 2, paragraph 1 lit. a).

An irregularity means any violation of the applicable legislation, resulting from an act or an omission of an economic operator, which has or would have the effect of prejudicing the Union budget by imputing unjustified expenses to that budget (for details, read article 2 of the Regulation (DRC) No. 1060/2021.

Irregularity alerts will be recorded, analyzed and investigated according to the internal procedures of ADR Nord-West. The sender has the possibility to remain anonymous, and if he declines his identity, his confidentiality will be preserved

Complaints regarding cases in which operations supported by European funds do not respect accessibility for persons with disabilities, in accordance with Article 9 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), can be sent through the attached form and/or to the attention The contact point for the implementation of the UN CRPD, within the Ministry of Investments and European Projects, at the email address:

The managing authority for the North-West Regional Program 2021-2027 applies a policy of zero tolerance towards fraud and corruption.

The head of the North West Regional Program Management Authority declares zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

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